Agonia posset infinita esse
sed habet limitem mortem


Limes Agoniae I 1991. The Slaughter House in Orlandovtsi. The Shop for Veal Processing. Seven identical plaster moulds of the Head of Hermes. A packet of white cotton sheets. 

The usual working atmosphere is disrupted: ironed white sheets are spread under the conveyer with freshly-cut calves’ heads and bowels to take up the dripping blood. Pieces of cloth carefully wrapped around the animals’ heads and bowels are getting red: 


wrapped heads
the blood running out of the neck of a newly slaughtered animal, is pouring onto a double-bed sheet. A quotation from the Old Testament marks the end of the performance . . . read out aloud and without malice to the workers at this Shop. The sheets, marked by the sign of agony and death are carefully packed and piled and later hung out to dry. Most of them will have to be named and labeled in Latin.


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„...Ventsislav Zankov made a series of performances,....
charged with consistent philosophical and aesthetic position,
that brought together his works under the motto of his exhibition “The Limits of Agony”...”

Mariana Yakimova, “The Limits of Agony”,