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2004 'Unstable conditions'

The intensity and purposefulness of the attention brought on the role, the position, the very significance of woman in society and her possibilities of interacting in it, along with the ideas of equality, the right on an identity, her social and personal identification, brings the question of the lacking counter side in the analysis and exploration of the processes concerning man. The processes resulting from the active changes, the respective rights and legal defenses and the new way women stand in society.

The idea of the project is to present a platform for a visual and theoretic interpretation of the changes in the role, the status and the significance of men in his interactions in the contemporary world.

Actual questions
- How does the part of man in society change and how does the change reflect on the relationships man / woman, man / man, woman / woman?
- Weather or not feminism leads toward the masculinisation of the word, borrowing from the male models of behavior, presence and mentality?
- What is the position of man in contemporary society, how does he adapt to the new male - female relationships without getting into pre-defined territories with negative implications like "machismo", "sexism", "sexual harassment"?
- What is happening with the personal psychological identification of man in a time when artificial insemination is an efficient practice and man becomes an anonymous paid donor?
- How does the modern emancipated woman conceive the part of man in her personal life?
- What is the behavior of man after the changes in his ways of interacting with and being in society and also is there a logical frame that we can apply to that behavior?
- How is the image of man as an object of desire, perceived in advertisement and show business?
- What part of the masculine homosexuals recognize in themselves and how do they regard the heterosexual men?
- How do the lesbians consider themselves when they assume the masculine part and how do they regard the heterosexual and the homosexual men?
- What happens to the "father figure" and is the part of the man in it changed in any way?
- What does masculine identification mean, can it be legally defended and how? Stereotypes and negative implications.
- How does contemporary art consider man outside the politically correct subjects?
- The Internet identifications and the virtual man.
- The unisex culture versus the religious fundamentalism. /Irina Nedeva/
- How far the changes occurring in the social equalization of women affect the representation of man in social life and in intimate relationships?
- Are the stereotypes of perception of men in mass culture being changed?

  • Tasks:
    To present an open field for different points of view, different perceptions and analyses, different interpretations of the part, the position and significance of the construction "man".
    To follow and reveal the dynamics and the transformations of man's stand in society.
    To analyze and interpret those of man's identities, action and behavior that have negative social significance and implications.
    To analyze and interpret the stereotypes through which the figure of man is present in the visual culture.
    To analyze and interpret the presence of and the changes taking place in male sexuality and her manifestations in the visual and public space.
    To follow and interpret the cliches in the prejudices involved in perceiving the construction "man".
    Short term
    To introduce in the public space the subject of "the figure of man - presence and transformations".
    To initiate a public debate on the events around understanding man both locally and on the background of the contemporary social processes and trends in the model of Western Civilization.
  • Long term
    By way of introducing the problems dealing with the dynamics of the social and psychological construction "man", to help the safe keeping of the balance in understanding gender, and the social, personal and psychological identification resulting from the gender issues.

Chain of analyze and understanding.
Psychological >> Social >> Interpretations /Images and symbols/

  • Means
    - Expositions
    - Public talks
    - Scientific conferences
    - Discussions
    - Publications
    - Presentations
  • Foreseen results
    - Reconsidering and restructuring of the figure and the part of man in society.
    - Overcoming of the stereotypes in the perception of the structure - "man".
    - Introducing of subjects connected to the personal, psychological, sexual and social identification with man.
  • 2005

    1. Processing of the project
    - Issuing of a multimedia disk of the visual and theoretic material from the events

    2. Development
    - Guest appearance of the exposition in other cities around the country - Plovdiv /the Bath House/, Varna / the City Gallery/
    - Guest appearance of the exposition in Nish and Belgrade and other places/in progtress/

    3. Conference /in progress/

    4. Designing of a project for the next issue of "Everything On Man" - 2006
    Work subject - "Presence and transformation; Mimicry and adaptation"











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